We create effective communication solutions for business and organisations

Authentic brand identity and communications are valuable business assets. It is where company and customer connect, and therefore the best opportunity a business has to express its values. A consistent and stable identity that accurately represents a business helps to develop trust and strong relationships, providing a platform for future growth.

Also, for a company’s staff, a clear identity can enhance the pride of being part of a business that is disciplined in the way it is visually represented. 

With this in mind, Cement develop unique, engaging and versatile branding, business communication and marketing solutions that inspire your customers and colleagues to act.

Using the latest technology and methods, Cement keeps overheads low and passes the savings onto our clients. We use our network of independent professionals and engage expertise as required. This results in high quality results that are unique and affordable for all businesses.


• Brand Creative Direction
• Logo and Corporate Identity
• Website, Emails, Online Marketing and Social Media Pages
• Stationery, Flyers, Brochures, Newsletters, Annual Reports
• Print and Online Advertising

• Packaging
• Event Banners and Staging Design
• Wayfinding, Retail Displays and Point of Sale
• Interior Office Branding
• Copy Writing
• Storyboards
• Print Management
• Team and Corporate Uniforms
• In-house Contracting